Advanced Vice and Narcotics Investigations September 16th-20th, 2024, Nashville, TN

This is a five day (36 hour) training program designed for Law Enforcement Investigators, Vice Insetigators, Narcotics Investigators, Gang Investigators, Fraud Detectives, Organized Crime Investigators, Criminal Analysts, and Patrol Officers.  

Prostitution and Narcotics activity are every day problems that affect entire cities across the country.  The curriculum will cover how to successfully conduct both Vice and Narcotics investigations.  This training will detail how to conduct undercover operations on masssage parlors associated with prostitution and on Escort Agencies providing prostitution services.  

The goal of this training course is to show investigators how to include a thorough investigation from making arrests, closing down businesses and how to conduct financial investigations on these illegal businesses. Instructors will detail the “Sneak and Peek” search warrant concept which can be utilized to infiltrate massage parlors as well as on Mariujuana grow houses and other businesses associated with Organized Crimes.  Case studies on these operations which require covert entries and installment of equipment will be presented.  

The Tactical Narcotics Techniques program will be presented which shows investigators how to set up operations targeting street level narcotics subjects and street level prostitution subbjects.  The TNT concept can be utilized to make as many as 100 arrests in a single shift if ran properly.

Investigators will learn how Fraud Investigations on subjects involved in narcotics trafficking and gang activities can be initiated and how to charge these individuals on both state and federal levels.  This portion of the training is taught by law enforcement officers who specialized in targeting street level subjects who are now making millions of dollars each year through fraud investigations. Subjects are using illicit funds obtained through fraud to further narcotics and gang activity.  The instructors for this training have been featured on CNN and FOX News Business for their expertise in conducting street level fraud investigations.

Narcotics Reverse Sting Operations for both street level subjects and high level narcotics stings targeting major players in Drug Trafficking Organizations will be presented in great detail.  Case studies involving both long term street level operations and major narcotics cases which have resulted in the seizure of millions of dollars will be presented.  Narcotics reverse stings should be the number one tool in targeting DTO’ subjects.  

Undercover Strip Club investigations will be covered during the training. Adult entertainment clubs have long been known for prostitution, narcotics activity and money laundering.  This segment of training will show investigators how to conduct long investigations on these establishments and how to safely plan and initiate tactical raids on these locations.  

Undercover Decoy officer safety issues will be covered in great detail. Officer safety should be the number one concern when conducting vice and narcotics operations, however many agencies neglect to provide training to decoy officers.  A large number of agencies use patrol officers as decoys but provide no training to the officers.  This presents a tremendous officer safety issue to the officers as well as a high liability danger to the agencies. Undercover Hotel/Motel Prostitution stings and undercover officer techniques will be covered using case studies and actual undercover videos. Human trafficking investigations and case studies will be presented along with how to successfully prosecute subjects in state and federal court.

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                                      Class Program     

                            Undercover Street Level Narcotics             

                             Conducting Safe Prostitution Stings                                               

                             Decoy and Officer Safety Issues                       

                             Human Trafficking Investigations                

                             Undercover Massage Parlor Investigations

                           Gang and Fraud Based Investigations

                              Narcotics Reverse Sting Operations

                             Tactical Narcotics Techniques Operations                  

                              Undercover Escort Investigations

                              Sneak and Peek Search Warrant Investigations   Undercover Escort Agency Operations

                              Undercover Narcotics and Vice Investigations

                              Ethics and Legal Questions

The training will be held at the ROCIC training center located at 545 Marriott Drive in Nashville.  The recommended hotel is the Best Western Plus located at 911 Airport Center Drive in Nashville.  The hotel is offering a $102.00 rate and reservations can be made at 615-872-0109.  

The tuition for this training is $475.00 per officer with group rates available. Please send check or money order to: Law Enforcement Training Associates P.O Box 2745 Peachtree City, GA 30269. The training will run from 8:00 am to 4:30 pm Monday-Thursday and until noon time on Friday. If you have any questions please contact Mike DeMarcus at 305-986-5476.

                             Conference Instructors

Mike DeMarcusDetective (Ret), North Miami Beach Police Department with over 21 years of law enforcement experience.  Mike worked in the Vice, Intelligence and Narcotics unit for over 14 years and additionally worked on a DEA task force as well as a state task force specializing in money laundering and narcotics investigations.  Mike has extensive experience in narcotics reverses, indoor marijuana grow houses and long term crack cocaine investigations targeting gang members.  Mike has participated in numerous investigations targeting and prosecuting both money laundering and narcotics trafficking subjects.  He also participated in cases which resulted in seizures of $1.2 million dollars and $1.9 million dollars as a results of narcotics reverse sting operations.  Mike participated in one of the largest ecstasy reverse sting operations in the history of Florida. He has taught narcotics investigation courses to thousands of law enforcement personnel.  He has additionally taught as a guest instructor for the Florida Narcotics Officers Association, the New Jersey Narcotics Association and the Norweigian Narcotics Officers Association.

Jon Doherty: Sergeant with the Gwinnett County Police Department Vice Unit.  Jon has over 13 years of law enforcement experience and has been assigned to the Vice unit for over 11 years.  Jon has worked in numerous undercover investigations targeting street level vice investigations.  Jon will present on how to conduct investigations ranging from street prostitution, hotel details, massage parlors and Human Trafficking Investigations.

Darryl Nelson: Lieutenant with the Gwinnett County Sheriff’s Office Vice Unit.  Darryl has over 13 years of law enforcement experience and has been assigned to the Vice unit for over 11 years.  Darryl is a Georgia Post certified instructor and has participated on the Metro Atlanta Child Exploitation Task Force for over eight years.  He has worked in numerous undercover investigations targeting street level vice and Human Trafficking investigations. Darryl will present training on how to conduct various vice related investigations ranging from street level prostitution, hotel details, massage parlor investigations, and Human Trafficking investigations

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