Investigating Drug Trafficking Organizations Winter April 22nd-26th, 2024 Nashville, Tennessee

This course is a five-day (36 hour) training program designed for Narcotics Investigators, Vice Investigators, Gang Investigators, Criminal Interdiction Officers, Criminal Analysts and Road Patrol Officers who participate in narcotics, gang and vice investigations. The curriculum covers investigative techniques used to combat the Drug Trafficking Organizations that are currently responsible for the flow of illicit narcotics into the United States, including major narcotics and street level investigations.  The conference will also cover  several area’s related to Gang  Investigations including  Gang Fraud and Outlaw Motorcycle Gang Investigations as well as undercover Vice Operations.

Case studies will be presented on major narcotics related investigations on Drug Trafficking Organoizations and street leverl narcotics dealers.  The aspects of both long and short term investigations will be covered detailing the proper investigative proceedures to complete successful investigations. New Asset and Forfeiture laws across th country along with congressional budgeting issues are presenting unique challenges for special investigative units.  

Outlaw Motorcycle Gangs have historically been involved in the production and distribution of illicit narcotics and they continue to thrive today.  The conference will detail the history of OMG’s and how to successfully investigate their organizations.  Current trends including narcotics trafficking, prostitution and extortion methods will be covered along with officer safety issues.

Street level gangs have expanded into the Fraud related crimes such as Identity Theft, Income Tax Return fraud, Credit Card Fraud and even unemployment fraud.  These gang members are making 100 times more in fraud than they are in selling narcotics and weapons.  The conference will detail the various fraud based crimes and how to successfully prosecute the investigations in both state and federal court.   

The instructors will cover the proper strategy to control informants who are involved with these organizations and how to further investigations by using them as tools.  Undercover Operations and UC safety will be covered in great detail for both narcotics and vice related investigations.

Vice Detectives will cover the various methods of initiating vice investigations including street level prostitution stings, Incall and Outcall investigations, Human Trafficking investigations and officer safety techniques.  Ethical issues will working undercover during vice operations will be discussed in detail. Decoy officers will learn proper investigative techniques to avoid entrapment issues while working undercover.

The course will cover Reverse Sting Operations which can be used to target DTO’s and there financial enterprise.  Case studies and tactical insight for these proactive investigations will be covered in detail. 

The instructors for this training have many years of investigative experience and offer a wealth of knowledge to share in narcotics, gangs and vice investigations.  This training will be beneficial for every level of experience.

Conference Program

           Targeting Drug Cartels and their Assets
           Investigating Outlaw Motorcycle Gangs
           Basic Asset and Forfeiture Investigations
           Hotel and Motel Interdiction Techniques
           Drug Trafficking and Highway Interdiction Investigations
           Initiating Major Narcotics Reverse Sting Operations
           Targeting Street Level Narcotics Dealers
           Undercover Storefront Operations
           Gangs and Fraud Investigations
           Long Term Undercover Investigations
           Case Management Issues

The tuition for the training is $475.00 per student. Please submit payment by check or money order with this registration form or register on line at Class space is limited and students will be accepted on a first come, first served basis. Group rates are available.   

The training will be held at the ROCIC training center located at 545 Marriott Drive in Nashville. The recommended hotel is the Best Western Plus Nashville Airport located at 911 Airport Circle in Nashville. The hotel is offering a $99.00 a night room rate and reservations can be made at 615-872-0109.

Law Enforcement Training Associates, Inc.                                        
Post Office Box 2745                                                                     
Peachtree City, Ga 30269

Registration fee for the program includes the cost of instruction, hand out materials and certificate of completion. Classroom dress is casual and training will be held from 8:30 a.m to 4:30 p.m Monday thru Thursday and until noon on Friday.  If you have any questions please contact Mike DeMarcus at (305) 986-5476.

Conference Instructors

Mike DeMarcus

Mike is a retired Detective with the North Miami Beach Police Department and has 21 years of law enforcement experience. Mike worked in the Special Investigations Division for over 14 years and completed assignments with a Drug Enforcement Administration narcotics task force and a State of Florida narcotics and money laundering task force. He worked as a Marine Enforcement Officer for three years and was cross designated as a U.S Customs Blue Lightening Officer.  Mike has extensive experience in cocaine trafficking cases, indoor marijuana grow house investigations, money laundering investigations, long-term gang related street level crack cocaine investigations and ecstasy/club drug investigations.  Mike participated in one of the largest ecstasy reverses in the history of Florida and has developed a comprehensive ecstasy and club drug-training program. Mike recently participed in reverse sting operations that resulted in the seizure of $1.2 million dollars and $1.9 million dollars.  Mike has also developed long-term crack cocaine and indoor marijuana grow house courses, which are based on case studies that targeted organizations involved in the illicit narcotics trade.

Steve Cook

Steve is a detective with a police department in the Kansas City Metropolitan area.  He is recognized as one of the foremost experts in Outlaw Motorcycle Gang investigations.  Steve has over 22 years of law enforcement experience and he spent six years in a multi-agency DTF as well as participating on a FBI violent street crime task force.  He has worked numerous intelligence operations all over the U.S involving OMG’s. He has been featured numerous times on the History Channels “Gang Land” documentaries as well as on other media outlets.  

Steve Migioia

Steve is a retired Special Agent with the Drug Enforcement Adminsitration with over 23 years of law enforcement experience. Steve is a leading authority in the U.S on Asset Forfeiture and Money Laundering Investigations. His cases have lead to the seizure of millions or dollars and the successful prosection of subjects and businesses involved in the narcotics trade.  Steve has taught thousands of law enforcement officer from around the world and still presents training courses at the DEA training facility in Virginia.  Steve’s presentation includes numerous documents and go by case studies which will be issued to investigators for them to use on future financial investigations.

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