Gangs and Fraud Investigations   


                   March 20th-21st, 2018, Boca Raton, Florida                                          Hosted at the Boca Raton Training Center                          


This is a special two day (16 hour) training program designed for Law Enforcement Investigators, Patrol Officers, Narcotics Investigators, Gang Investigators, Fraud Detectives, Organized Crime Investigators and Criminal Analysts.  

Gang members have evolved over the past few years and evolved into a new realm of criminal activity.  Credit Card Fraud, Identity Theft, IRS Tax Fraud and state income tax fraud have become a game changer for Gang members all across the United States.  Gang members are now making over a billion dollars a year by conducting fraud crimes.

This training course is designed to show officers how to identify the various types of fraud and how to move forward successfully prosecuting these cases in federal and state courts.  The techniques used to arrest and prosecute these gang members are placing viloent gang members in prison at a higher rate than narcotics and gun cases.   

This training will show officers how to identify and follow the paper trail on subjects as well as how to set up covert operations which target gang members.  These specialized operations are crucial in targeting gang members and the proven track record of these operations will be presented in case studies.  Many officers are seeing an abundance of prepaid debit cards and gift cards being carried by gang members and they have no idea that most of these cards are the number one prequsite for fraud.  



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                                      Class Program     


                            Credit Card Fraud             

                             Re-Encoding Credit Cards
                             IRS Tax Fraud Investigations                       

                             Gift Card and Debit Card Investigations            

                             Gang and Fraud Based Investigations

                             Benefits of Task Forces Within Agencies                  

                             Club Investigations

                             Tactical Narcotics Techniques



                             Conference Instructors


Mike DeMarcus: Detective (Ret), North Miami Beach Police Department with over 21 years of law enforcement experience.  Mike worked in the Vice, Intelligence and Narcotics unit for over 14 years and additionally worked on a DEA task force as well as a state task force specializing in money laundering and narcotics investigations.  Mike has extensive experience in narcotics reverses, indoor marijuana grow houses and long term crack cocaine investigations targeting gang members.  Mike has participated in numerous investigations targeting and prosecuting both money laundering and narcotics trafficking subjects.  He also participated in cases which resulted in seizures of $1.2 million dollars and $1.9 million dollars as a results of narcotics reverse sting operations.  Mike participated in one of the largest ecstasy reverse sting operations in the history of Florida. He has taught narcotics investigation courses to thousands of law enforcement personnel.  He has additionally taught as a guest instructor for the Florida Narcotics Officers Association, the New Jersey Narcotics Association and the Norweigian Narcotics Officers Association.

Craig Catlin: Detective (Ret) from the North Miami Beach Police Department Street Crimes Unit and a graduate of Florida State Univesrsity. Craig has over 19 years of law enforcement experience and was been assigned to the Gangs and Street Crimes units for 9 years.  Craig has developed techniques used to identify and investigate criminals who are committing fraud and identity theft to provide funding for their illegal activities. He is recognized as the leading authority on Gang Fraud.  These investigative techniques are new and innovative. Craig has been featured on CNN, FOX Business News, CBS 60 Minutes and many other media outlets for his Fraud and Gang investigations.  He is also a Task Force Officer with the ATF, IRS and Secret Service Task Force.  As a gang detective Craig was awarded the International Fraud Investigator of the year for 2012 and is a multiple officer of the year for the North Miami Beach Police Department.  This training should be required in every police department from Patrol Officers to Special Investigative Units.


            Gangs and Fraud Investigations

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The tuition is $175.00 per student.  Please submit payment by check or money order with this registration form or register online at  Group rates are available.  The training will be hosted at the Boca Raton Police Department training center located at 6500 Congress Avenue.  Class space is limited and students will be accepted on a first come, first served basis.  Registrations can be faxed to (770) 486-2092, register online or mailed to:      

Law Enforcement Training Associates, Inc. 
P.O Box 2745
Peachtree City, Ga 30269

Registration fee for the program includes the cost of instruction, handout materials, and certificate of completion.  Class room dress is casual. Training will be held from 8:30 a.m to 5:00 p.m.  If you have an questions please contact Mike DeMarcus at 305-986-5476. 

Heartland Law Enforcement Training Institute


The Midwest Outlaw Motorcycle Gang Investigators Association


Outlaw Motorcycle Gang Investigations

Orlando, FL   March 12-15, 2018

From the Inside - Combating Biker Gangs

A four day (32 hour) training program for law enforcement officers, prosecutors, corrections personnel and criminal analysts addressing the problems and pitfalls of investigations of Outlaw Motorcycle Gangs.

The instructors, have managed, supervised or directly participated in investigations of Outlaw Motorcycle Gangs throughout the United States. The investigative techniques they used will be presented. Also, the many pitfalls and mistakes they made will be graphically demonstrated.

Due to the sensitive nature of the training program and threats of physical harm to some of the speakers, the exact location of the training program will only be revealed to those who register. Special security will be maintained and this training program is only open to law enforcement officers, corrections officers, prosecutors, probation/parole officers and other criminal justice professionals.  You must show proper agency credentials or identification to be allowed entrance into the training program.

This is an annual training course and other than the Biker 101 course presented, all other material will be different than the previous Conferences.

All New Program

Outlaw Motorcycle Expansion & Trends

Preventing OMG Violence at Public Venues

Intelligence Gathering Techniques

National and Regional Updates

Major Runs and Events

“Pop Up” Clubs & Their Effect on the MC Culture

Community Awareness Campaigns


Steve Cook - Detective with a Police Department in the Kansas City Metro area.  Steve has been a police officer for 24 years, with over six and a half years experience in a multi-agency drug task force.  Steve has completed assignments with the DEA Clandestine Laboratory Enforcement Team as well as participating on a FBI Violent Crime/Gang Task Force.  Steve has worked numerous intelligence operations all over the United States involving outlaw motorcycle gangs and was the case agent and secondary undercover in an attempted infiltration of a Bandidos farm club.  During that operations Steve acted as a webmaster for the club and had the opportunity to act in an undercover capacity with members of several different outlaw motorcycle gangs including the Outlaws.  Steve has also been featured in the History Channel's Gangland programs on the Outlaws, Bandidos and galloping Goose, twice on Biographies "Gangsters Americas Most Evil", History channels "Americas Book of Secrets" and Biographies "Gangworld One Percenters".

Pat Fielding - Pat is a Retired Detective with a Police Department in Las Vegas, Nevada and has over 24 years of law enforcement experience. Pat has been assigned to several narcotics, gang, and criminal intelligence units, including a HIDTA group, FBI Task Force, DEA Methamphetamine Task Force and a Club Drug Task Force and is currently assigned to a Money Laundering group. Pat has worked undercover for 20 years investigating narcotics, money laundering, arms and explosives dealers, auto-theft rings and conducting storefront operations. Pat infiltrated the Red Demons (A Hells Angels Farm Club) and rose to the rank of Treasurer during a five-month undercover investigation.

Ron Miller - Ron is a Detective assigned to the Tri-County Gang Unit in Northern Nevada and among other duties is responsible for investigations and intelligence gathering involving members of Out Motorcycle Gangs.  Ron was part of the investigation that dismantled the Carson City, NV Chapter of the Vagos and also responsible for intelligence and enforcement activities in the Tri-County area during the annual Street Vibrations rally.

Registration Information

Registration fee for the four day training program is $450.00 per person, if pre-paid or paid at registration.  If your department has to be invoiced after the start of the course, the tuition cost is $475.00.  We accept cash, check or Visa/MasterCard.  Group discounts are also available.  Tuition cost includes the cost of the instruction, handout materials and certificate of completion. Call for further information. All checks or purchase orders must be made payable to Heartland Law Enforcement Training Institute (HLETI). For further information, call Steve Cook at 816-718-2189 or at

Attendance is limited. Register early to insure your attendance.

Training Site

The training will be held in the Orlando, FL area. Due to security concerns, you will not be notified of the training site until you register and receive your letter of confirmation. Classes will held daily from 9:00 AM to 5:00 PM. Hotel rate is $129 per night and rooms are extremely limited so make arrangements early.

Registration Form

Outlaw Motorcycle Gang Investigations

Please print or type information and make photocopies for multiple registrations. Payments by can be made to the Heartland Law Enforcement Training Institute. The cost of the training conference is $450.00 Price is $395 for groups of 4 or more.


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Please submit payment by check or money order with this registration form.  Seating is limited and will be accepted on a first come, first served basis.  Cost of the training is $450.00 if paid prior to or at the start of the training.  All payments submitted after the start of the conference will be $475.00.  Group rates are available.  HLETI accepts Visa and Mastercard.

Please remit to: Heartland Law Enforcement Training Institute

P.O Box 902, Lee’s Summit, Mo 64063     (816) 554-8888   Fax: (816) 554-8879


For faster service scan in the registrations and e-mail to










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