Special Operations Supervisors          Training Conference


Narcotics, Gangs, Vice, Street Crimes,Tactical Supervisors and Police Commanders


       January 28th-Feb. 1st, 2019, Nashville, TN


This course is a five-day (36 hour) training program designed for Law Enforcement Supervisors who over see Narcotics, Gangs, Street Crimes and Tactical Units. This is a one of a kind, must attend conference for all supervisors who are in charge of these high liability units.

All too often many supervisors are promoted and placed in specialized units with little or no training or investigative experience for these specialized units. This places the supervisor and their units at an extreme disadvantage as well as placing the law enforcement agency in a high liability position.

The instructors will cover a multitude of topics ranging from initiating specialized operations, supervising investigators, personnel selection, implementing new policies and fine tuning existing policies. Working with outside law enforcement agencies is crucial to being successful and the instructors will cover how to set up MOU's and how to create new task forces with almost no costs to participating agencies.

This is a unique conference as the curriculum will range from proceedural topics to supervising and initiating actual operations for narcotics, vice and gang related investigations. The instructors for this training have a wide variety of experience and expertise in their respective fields.

The Tactical Narcotics Techniques theory will give officers the ability to set up both Surveillance Based narcotics operations as well as street level prostitution stings. This is a tactical operation that has often resulted in single day arrests of over 200 subjects in a single shift!

The course will cover Reverse Sting Operations which can be used to target DTO's and their financial enterprises.  Case studies and tactical insight for these proactive investigations will be covered in detail by showing case studies of actual investigations.

The conference will detail how ot set up and organize multi jurisdiction operations which can be utilized to target both narcotics subjects and gang members.  Case studies on long term gang investigations will be detailed during the training.  

Gang related fraud is a huge problem that is rapidly spreading across the U.S. The conference will detail how to identify and investigate identity theft organizations. Supervisors will be shown how effective these investigations are and how lucrative conducting fraud investigations can be as a result of forfeiture proceedings.  

Vice investigations including Escort Services and Massage Parlors will be covered during the conference.  The class will detail how to conduct detailed investigations which can result in the seizure of millions of dollars during these investigations.
The class will also detail the Civlil Litigation problems that many law enforcement agencies are currently facing due to lack of policies in specialized units.

                   Other topics and instructors to be announced soon!

                   Conference Program

Specialized Unit Personnel Selection
Creating new departmental policies
Establishing and creating multi agency task forces

Sneak and Peek Search Warrants for Massage Parlors
Hotel and Motel Interdiction Investigations
Initiating Major Narcotics Reverse Sting Operations
Targeting Street Level Narcotics Dealers
Pro's and Cons of mandatory rotation within units
Gangs and Fraud Investigations
Long Term Undercover Investigations
Case Management Issues
Recruiting and Management of Confidential Sources
Undercover Decoy Officer Safety Techniques
Court Litigation Problems
Tactical Planning Elements

                  Conference Instructors


Nelson Reyes:

Sergeant with the Aventura Police Department and retired Sergeant with the North Miami Beach Police Department with over 21 years of law enforcement experience.  Nelson spent 17 years on the NMBPD Special Response Team and served as Team Leader.  He is responsible for writing and implementing many of the SRT policy and proceedures. Nelson is also a certified expert in court litigation for law enforcement policies.  Nelson has a wealth of knowledge in preparing and executing tactical operations and planning.  He has extensive knowledge in many phases of police work including community policing and organizing special details including natural disasters.

Mike DeMarcus:

Detective (ret), North Miami Beach Police Department with over 21 years of law enforcement experience. Mike worked in the Vice, Intelligence and Narcotics unit for over 14 years and worked on a DEA task force as well as a state task force specializing in money laundering and narcotics investigations. Mike has extensive experience in narcotics reverses, indoor marijuana grow houses and long term crack cocaine investigations which resulted in the seizures of millions of dollars of illegal assets. Mike has participated in numerous long term investigations targeting and prosecuting both money laundering and narcotics trafficking subjects. Mike was often placed in the position as the acting supervisor for many years in the narcotics unit and offers a perspective from within the ranks. He has taught thousands of law enforcement officers from all over the world.  He has taught for the Florida Narcotics Officers Association, New Jersey Narcotics Officers Association, International Undercover Officers Association, the Norwegian Narcotics Officers Association and the Regional Organized Crime Information Center.

Bob Volguardson:

Detective, Boca Raton Police Department. Bob is assigned to the Vice and Narcotics unit and has performed numerous undercover investigations on both Escort services and illicit massage parlors in Palm Beach County. Bob will present different theories and methods that should be utilized to properly investigate and prosecute individuals and businesses involved in the prostitution trade. Bob will present case studies showing how to seize millions of dollars from these illegal businesses.  He will additionally cover the use of "Sneak and Peek" search warrants which can be utilized for both narcotics and vice investigations.

Craig Catlin

(Ret) Detective, North Miami Beach Police Department with over 19 years experience. Craig was assigned to the Street Crimes Unit and investigats Haitian gang members. Craig is the leading authority in the United States on investigating gang members who are participating in Fraud and Identity Theft crimes. Craig's investigations have been profiled on the CNN "Out Front" show and he was named the 2012 IAFCI Fraud Investigator of the Year. That is quite an accomplishment seeing that he is a gang investigator and not an economic crimes detective. Craig's investigations have resulted in the seizure of over two million dollars within the last two years alone. This is a training segment that should be mandatory for every police officer in the U.S. 

   Special Operations Supervisors  Conference 


             Narcotics, Gangs, Vice, Street Crimes, Tactical                          Supervisors and Commanders


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The cost of the training is $460.00 per student. Please submit payment by check or money order with this registration form or register on line at Class space is limited and students will be accepted on a first come, first served basis.  Registrations can also be faxed to (770) 486-2092.

The training will be held from 8:30 a.m to 4:30 p.m Monday thru Thursday and from 8:30 a.m to noon on Friday at the  The training will be conducted at the ROCIC Training Center located at 545 Marriott Drive in Nashville. The recommended hotel is the Best Western Plus Nashville Airport located at 911 Airport Center Drive. The hotel is approximately two miles from the training center and is offering a $112.00 a night rate. Make your reservations at 615-872-0109 under the Government booking code.  If you have any further questions please contact Mike DeMarcus at (305) 986-5476.  

Law Enforcement Training Associates, Inc.                                        

Post Office Box 2745                                                                     
Peachtree City, Ga 30269

Registration fee for the program includes the cost of instruction, hand out materials and certificate of completion.  Classroom dress is casual and training will be held from 8:30 a.m to 4:00 p.m Monday thru Thursday and until noon on Friday.  If you have any questions please contact Mike DeMarcus at (305) 986-5476.                                                                             









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