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Law Enforcement Training Associates, Inc.

Mike DeMarcus

Mike is the training coordinator for Law Enforcement Training Associates, Inc, and is a retired Detective with the North Miami Beach Police Department.  Mike has 21 years of law enforcement experience and worked in the Special Investigations Division for over 14 years.  During his tenure in the Narcotics Division, Mike completed assignments with a Drug Enforcement Administration narcotics task force and a State of Florida narcotics and money laundering task force.  He worked as a Marine Enforcement Officer for three years and was cross designated as a U.S Customs Blue Lightening Officer. Mike has extensive experience in investigating major cocaine trafficking cases, indoor marijuana grow house investigations, money laundering investigations, long-term gang related crack cocaine investigations and ecstasy/club drug investigations. Mike participated in one of the largest ecstasy reverses in the history of Florida and has developed a comprehensive ecstasy and club drug-training program. Mike has also developed long-term crack cocaine and indoor marijuana grow house courses, which are based on case studies that targeted organizations involved in the illicit narcotics trade.  Mike participated in two reverse sting cocaine investigations which resulted in the seizure of $1.2 million dollars and $1.9 million dollars.  Mike has taught narcotics related courses to thousands of law enforcement investigators from all over the world including organizatiioins such as the Florida Narcotics Officers Association, New Jersey Narcotics Officers Association, Norwegian Narcotics Officers Association. International Undercover Officers Association and the Regional Organized Crime Information Center conference.  

Pat Fielding

Pat is a retired Detective from the Las Vegas Metropolitan Police Department and has over 27 years of law enforcement experience.  Pat was assigned to several narcotics, gang, and criminal intelligence units, including a HIDTA group, FBI Task Force, and a Club Drug Task Force and is currently assigned to a Money Laundering group.  Pat has worked undercover for 24 years investigating money laundering, arms and explosives dealers, auto-theft rings and conducting storefront operations.  Pat infiltrated the Red Demons (A Hells Angels Farm Club) and rose to the rank of Treasurer during a six-month undercover investigation.  Pat has a wealth of knowledge in undercover investigations.            

Nelson Reyes

Nelson is a retired Sergeant with the North Miami Beach Police Department and has over 22 years of law enforcement experience. He is currently assigned to Uniformed Patrol with the Aventura, FL Police Department.  During his career, Nelson has been a supervisor in the Crime Supression Unit, Special Response Team and Patrol.  He spent 17 years on the NMBPD SRT unit and was a team leader for most of that time period. He is ceritified as a Litigation Specialist in Police Litigation and is also certified as a Force Science Analyst.  Nelson has attended hundreds of law enforcement training programs with many of the training being in Tactical Operations.  He is cross certified as a Customs Blue Lightening Officer and additionally worked in the NMBPD Marine Patrol Unit.  He has received numerous commendations as a result of his law enforcment efforts including the NMBPD Police Officer of the Year.  Nelson currently teaches Tactical Courses and Litigation courses throughout the United States. 

Bob Volguardson

Detective with the Boca Raton, Florida Police Department.  Bob has over 18 years of law enforcement expperience and has served almost his entire career in the Vice, Narcotics and Intelligence Unit.  Bob has worked numerous long term narcotics investigations with BRPD and the DEA.  He specializes in Vice related investigations on massage parlors and escort services that are associated with prostitution and organized crimes.  He has written more "sneak and Peek" search warrants than any other officer in the state of Florida. He is a member of the BRPD Special Response Team and currently teaches narcotics and vice related courses throughout the country.

Steve Migioia

Special Agent (Ret) with the Drug Enforcement Administration. Steve has over 25 years of law enforcement experience and has led numerous Financial investigations targeting domestic and International narcotics traffickers.  Steve has taught Financial Investigative classes all across the United States and has been an instructor at the DEA Academy.  Steve teaches Basic Asset Forfeiture classes as well as advanced financial investigations for LETA.  Steve uses interactive teaching methods as part of his training courses which show investigators a hands on approach in working financial cases.

Craig Catlin

Craig is a retired Detective with the North Miami Beach Police Department and has over 19 years of law enforcement experience.  He was assigned to the Street Crimes Unit and conducts gang investigations.  Craig is a multi time Officer of the year recipient with the NMBPD.  He is recognized nationally as the an expert on Gang Fraud Investigations.  He has been featured on CNN, FOX Business, CBS 60 Minutes and other media outlets for his efforts in investigating gang members.  As a gang detective he was awarded the 2012 International Fraud Investigators Officer of the year.  His efforts in gang fraud investigationshas resulted in the seizure of over two million dollars of illicit funds.  He is also cross deputized with a United States Secret Service Task Force and an IRS Task Force.   

 Lino Diaz

Lino is a Detective with the North Miami Beach Police Dept.       and has 18 years of law enforcement experience. Lino is         currently assigned to the Street Crimes Team, which        targets gang members, street level narcotics dealers, burglary subjects and violent criminals.  Lino has also participated on   the NMBPD Tactical Unit, the Robbery Intervention detail and    a multi jurisdictional street crimes enforcement team that         targeted violent subjects in Miami Dade County.  Lino has       been on the NMBPD Special Response Team for over 12 years  and is currently the Assistant Team Leader. Lino's other         duties include being a Colt MP5 and Chemical Munitions            instructor for NMBPD.   


Juan Jurado

Sergeant, North Miami Beach Police Department. Juan has 12 years of law enforcement experience.  He has spent eight years on the Special Response Team and has completed five separate SWAT and Tactical certification courses.  He is additionally certified as a Distraction Device and Specialty Impacy Munitions Weapon Instructor.  Juan is additionally certified as an Incident Response to Bomb Instructor and a Static and Moving Vehicle conainment instructor.  Juan has a wealth of knowledge in tactical operations.  He is a three time international SWAT competition competator and is a highly motivated and respected instrcutor.  Juan also worked in the Crime Suppression Unit that targeted violent offenders and undercover surveillance on habitual offenders.










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